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2023 is officially here and it brings a whole new year of opportunities to not only work on yourself but also improve your relationship. Setting goals and commitments together helps reinforce your bond, create stronger connections, and ultimately bring more happiness into your lives. So, we thought we’d bring you ideas of some new year resolutions you can make together for a 2023 full of love.

  • Find more time to date each other

  • Sometimes our schedules get so busy we forget to schedule time to spend with each other the way we used to when we first started dating. Compromising to have some couple’s only time at least once a week can help you keep the romance alive, keep the relationship fresh and help you connect on different levels.

  • Learn something new together

  • Did you know that researchers have found that couples who do new things together are happier in the long run? You can sit down together, look at common interest, and find something you’d like to try together. You can learn a new activity, try new foods, learn a new skill, or create your own bucket list of things you’d like to try this year. 

    1. Slow down and disconnect to connect

    Some of the greatest and most memorable conversations happen around a dinner table, but to do so, you must consciously give this time the importance that it deserves. Family dinners at home will take a whole new turn once you decide to set your phones aside, slow down and actively engage with each other in conversation. 

  • Practice expressing your gratitude for one another

  • We bet you didn’t know that it is proven fact that being thankful and showing it to others is actually really good for our health and happiness. Not only does it feel good to express our gratitude, but it also helps us build trust and stronger bonds with the people around us. You’ll find tons of benefits in being vocal about your appreciation for each other, it will help you feel more positive emotions and relish good experiences. 

  • Prioritize Sex

  • Our jobs, chores, and daily activities can interfere with the passion in our relationships. Truth is, as time goes by, it becomes common to not feel so fired up, lovey-dovey and touchy-touchy; however, don’t you miss that? Prioritizing your intimacy will offer new opportunities to rekindle your relationship, getting the fire going again and strengthening your connection. Don’t just read this advice, schedule it, and make it a priority.

  • Plan an adventure together
  • Did you know that psychologists consider fun one of the most important factors in a relationship? When was the last time you had a chance to get away? To disconnect from daily life and focus exclusively on each other? Going on vacations, weekend getaways, or even planning something different at home provides the opportunities to have more fun, laugh more, create new memories, and have more sex.

  • Commit to finding healthier habits

  • A big part of taking care of your relationship is also taking care of yourselves. Feeling good about ourselves and our choices builds up our self-esteem, positivity, and sense of humor. Enlisting your partner as a workout buddy, or healthy cooking partner or even helping you break a bad habit, is a great way of pushing each other to be healthier and helps you hold each other accountable to achieve your desired goals. 

  • Focus on the good

  • Have you ever heard of the five to one rule? What this means is that for every bad thing you think about, you list five positive ones. Imaging putting this into effect with your significant other and reminding each other why you fell in love in the first place. Every time you think about criticizing your partner, stop yourself, regroup, think of five good things, and tell them at least one of them. Complimenting each other will provide amazing benefits to your love lives. You’ll soon begin to mirror each other and bring more kindness and consideration into your relationship.

  • Get on the same page with long-term plans

  • Don’t avoid talking about the big stuff: values, kids, finances, long-term goals – sit and plan together; even if you disagree on some stuff, at least you won’t take each other by surprise and you can navigate through all of it together. Planning can be fun if you put your best attitude forward. At the end, teamwork does make the dream work.

    We’ve listed some of the things we consider most important for a thriving and healthy relationship; however, when setting your new year’s resolutions as a couple try to find the things that accommodate you and your relationship. If you are here reading about this means you are already willing to try and we truly hope this 2023 brings you more smiles, more fun and more love. 

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