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Ice Breakers

  1. What book had the biggest impact on you during your childhood and why
  2. If you could live in the world of any book youve read, which one would it be and why
  3. What genre of books do you usually avoid, and would you be willing to give it a try
  4. Share a book recommendation that you think would surprise me and explain your choice

Fun Facts...

  1. The largest bookstore in the world, The Barnes & Noble bookstore in New York, covers an area of about 154,250 square feet, equivalent to more than 3.5 acres of books.
  2. The smell of old books is caused by lignin, a compound in paper that breaks down over time and produces a grassy, vanilla scent.
  3. The first book ever written using a typewriter was "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain.


  1. Explore beyond your favorites: Each pick a genre or author you're unfamiliar with to broaden your reading horizons together.
  2. Create a book club for two: Schedule regular dates to discuss the books you've chosen to read together, sharing thoughts and insights.
  3. Incorporate the finds into your daily life: Whether it's attempting a recipe from a cookbook, reading each other's favorite childhood book before bed, or sharing jokes to lighten the mood, use your discoveries to add more joy and connection to your relationship.
  4. Alternative activities for non-readers: If reading isn't one of your favorite activities, consider visiting the bookstore to pick out a puzzle or a board game that you can enjoy together at home, offering a similar cozy and bonding experience.
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