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Games for Couples that will Spice Up Your Relationship

Games for Couples that will Spice Up Your Relationship


Falling into daily routines, work, chores and doing the same boring schedule every day can take a toll on your relationship and dim the spark that makes intimacy, on all levels, enjoyable. There are different ways to spice up your relationships by simply breaking the routine and finding new ways to spend time with each other. All of this, from the comfort of your own home. 

One way of doing this is incorporating couples’ games into your daily routines. Couples’ games provide the opportunity to spend more quality time together, interact in new ways, open communication and help strengthen your relationship. 

We have a few tips of how to find different ways of incorporating these healthy habits into your daily life in a fun way and help you take advantage of the most ordinary moments and turn them into extraordinary connections.


Reminiscing about how you met and fell in love can often bring many positive aspects into your relationship. It reminds you why you made that person, your person. It is an exercise often used in couples therapy since it helps reestablish a connection between one another. 

To play One word, One answer one of you starts with a word of your choosing. The other person replies with another word to help build on a sentence. The objective is to tell your love story together, one word at a time.


    You can truly put a romantic twist into any game you play. Romantic Scrabble is like regular scrabble with the twist that you can only use romantic or sexy words. If you feel like getting naughtier you can establish different dares and rules, like when someone reaches a certain number of points on a word, the other one must take a piece of clothing off. Make it your own and see where it takes you!


    You don’t need a special set up, fancy dinners or really setting time aside to connect with each other. You can use these cards while cooking dinner, laying on the couch, driving somewhere, before going to sleep, or any time you’d like to spark some creative, fun and meaningful conversations to get to know each other better. 

    This game brings 120 different conversation starters that range from deep and thought-provoking topics to fun hypothetical scenarios that will help break the ice, release tension from the day, bring tons of laughter and interesting learnings from one another. Many of our clients have incorporated this as a daily tradition in their routines and improved their relationships by deepening their connection to one another.


    For those foodie couples who like to compete, this game is for you. First, you need to go to the grocery store with a shopping list of all the ingredients on how to make pretzels (or something of your choice); however, you have to buy all ingredients times two, since you will be competing to see who does the best and most tasteful masterpiece.


    When we say you can make anything romantic, we mean it! I bet you are wondering how in the world could you even make this game romantic or sexy. Well, my friends, you can! And here’s how: Take sheets of paper and make cards out of them that describe intimate actions or dares (kiss, undress, etc.). On a different paper draw your grid for the tic tac toe and each of you randomly place the cards you’ve written activities or dares on the individual squares. When you start playing and you choose your spot, you must do the action described on the card. If one of you wins by completing the straight line you can choose the dare you want your partner to complete. 

    You can get as silly, romantic or naughty as you want!

    6.- SPICE IT UP

      An intimacy building game for couples who want to connect on deeper levels and keep the passion alive over time. This game brings the fun, the romance and the spiciness all in one with three different decks that will take your date night from cool to very hot. 150 cards that are designed to gradually get steamier as the night progresses and include some great intimate conversations, fun flirting and sexy bedroom games.

      Whether you’ve been together for a little or a long time, this game will spice up the bedroom and keep the passion alive over time.  


      This is a fun one for all the music lovers out there! To play this game, one of you starts singing a song and challenge your partner to continue with a different song based on the last word you sang. You don’t have to be in tune or sing beautifully to play this, even more so, we know you’ll get a good laugh out of this one. 


        This is another one for music lovers. Randomly choose a playlist from your favorite streaming service platform. Without looking at your phones hit next on the playlist, the idea is for you to compete to see who can guess the name of the song or artist the fastest. You can give it your own twist by adding dares to whoever loses, or you can just keep it playful. 

        9.-ONE YEAR OF DATES

        Relationships are an investment that will continue to strengthen as you dedicate time and effort. The more effort you put in, the more you will get out. Going on dates gives you the chance to focus exclusively on each other, spend more quality time and experiment new things together. 

        This product brings a year’s worth of date ideas to help you do just that. 52 dates, one for each week of the year with activities that will help you step out of your comfort zone and bring you closer together with the opportunity to document all of it and remember it forever.

        By committing to investing this time in your relationship, you are telling each other “You are worth my time”.

        10.- 36 QUESTIONS

        This study including 36 questions was first published in 1997. Six months later two of its participants got married, leading people to gossip about how these questions make you fall in love. Some argue they could even make you fall more in love. These questions start light, and they get gradually more intense as you continue. If you’d like to fall in love repeatedly with your partner, click the link below:

        We believe you can make the honeymoon phase last forever if you actively work on it. Regularly engaging in fun activities and games with your partner helps you explore new things about each other, grow closer, and give way to having a great time together. Choose the type of product that fits you best and open yourselves up to a new world of possibilities with your loved ones. 

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