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When the world stopped during the pandemic, we were all stuck at home finding new ways to entertain ourselves. It was a challenging time for couples who were now forced to spend time with each other because of the quarantine.

While interacting and talking with other couples, we began to identify what their usual complaints in their relationships were. We agreed on the fact that time, routines, kids, etc… drive us away from prioritizing our relationships, when in reality, a healthy relationship is the foundation of a household and should always be among our top priorities. 

We began talking about creating products that would provide the tools for couples to continuously date each other regardless of the time they have been together or their different routines, and with the help of professional family therapists and psychologist we were able to materialize our ideas. 

That’s when Why Don’t We was born and it came with the distinct purpose of providing the tools for couples to work on and prioritize their relationship in a fun way!

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