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Let’s start a Halloween tradition for couples!

Let’s start a Halloween tradition for couples!


Not quite the Halloween custom party goer, but still want to do something on Halloween?  

Turn Halloween into a yearly dating tradition with your loved one. Don’t worry, whether you are the stay-at-home kind, creative, thrill seeking or romantic couple, we’ve got some date ideas for you! 

 The Spooky-Inn! 

Make staying at home something to look forward to this Halloween with these awesome date ideas. 

Horror-Movie Marathons? Yes, please! 

Don´t do this the ordinary way though. We´ll guide you through the details so you can truly make these memorable.  


First, sit together and pick the movies that you´ll be watching, you can go with the classics or see what´s new out there. Then, pick out Halloween themed snacks for the night and go shopping. Lastly, really set the atmosphere, turn your lights off, grab your blankets and snuggle together for a movie marathon full of chills!  


If you want to turn this up a notch, dress up in costume (but make sure they are comfy so you can get the good snuggles). 



A Goosebump challenge! 


If you are the thrill-seeking type, we´ve got some ideas for you that will make your heart skip a beat! 


Step up to the challenge and do a ghost tour around your city. Start your date by maybe visiting a cemetery and make up stories for the dead as you are walking through to try to spook each other. Then, most cities and towns have their very own haunting stories, plan a route to do a ghost tour around your town. You can look for stories online or sometimes there are even guided tours.  You can also top off your date with a good scare by visiting a haunted house or a haunted theme park. 


Trick or Treat – or just Treats! 

If you are the foodie type of couple, then this date is for you; however, let´s make it a competition! 
Sit separately and build a Halloween themed menu including starters, main dish, cocktails and dessert. Gather your ingredients list and head over to the market to complete your shopping. Compete to see who comes up with the best and most creative dishes and drinks. While you are cooking and your food is ready, you can also do a pumpkin carving together and if you really want to turn it into a theme night, dress up in costume and decorate your table for your dinner. 


Something wicked is coming! 

If you are the artsy type, then we challenge you to make your own costumes at home. Brainstorm ideas of costumes that would complement each other so you can build a couple’s costume. Aim for something clever that would require your efforts to work as a team and challenge your skills and ultimately create something great!  


Remember this is a date so don´t forget to make it fun! Crank up the music, get some snacks and drinks and enjoy working together towards a common goal. 


These are only some ideas of what you can do; however, there´s a world of possibilities out there. The most important thing is the willingness to spend time together and turn ordinary moments into special occasions. Date each other as much as you can and come up with new traditions that will leave you something to look forward to every year. Halloween´s only the beginning…  

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