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Ice Breakers

  1. If you could master any form of art overnight, what would it be and how would you use it to express yourself?
  2. Imagine we're living in a bohemian artist colony in the early 20th century. What kind of artists would we be, and what causes would we champion?
  3. "Which art movement do you feel most connected to, and why?
  4. If you could transform any experience of ours into an art piece, which experience would you choose and what would the art look like?
  5. What's the most unconventional art form you've ever encountered, and what was your reaction to it?

Fun Facts...

  1. Bohemianism began in the early 19th century in France when artists and creatives moved into the lower-rent Romani areas of Paris, seeking a lifestyle outside the conventional, in pursuit of freedom, and expressing themselves through art.
  2. The concept of "living art" suggests that everyday life can be approached with the same creativity and passion as art. This was embraced by bohemians who often saw no separation between their art and their lifestyle.
  3. Open Mic Nights are not only for music but have historically been a space for poets, comedians, and even visual artists to share their work, reflecting the diverse range of expression within bohemian culture.


  1. Dress the part: Embrace boho chic by wearing something comfortable yet artistic, such as flowing garments, vibrant patterns, and handmade accessories to get into the spirit of the date.
  2. Explore local talent: Visit a local art gallery or novelty museum that showcases up-and-coming artists or hosts exhibitions on avant-garde art to immerse yourselves in the current arts scene.
  3. Participate actively: If attending an open mic night, consider sharing a piece of your own art, whether it's a short poem, a song, or a piece of visual art. It's a memorable way to engage with the bohemian ethos of self-expression.
  4. Create your own bohemian meal: At the fresh market, pick ingredients that are not only healthy but also a bit unconventional. Use this as an opportunity to cook together, blending different cuisines or coming up with a completely new dish that reflects your adventurous day.
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