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Something to talk about...

  1. Which wine, cheese, or chocolate have you always wanted to try but haven't yet?
  2. Do you have a favorite pairing of wine, cheese, or chocolate that you'd recommend?
  3. How do you think our tastes in wine, cheese, and chocolate reflect our personalities?
  4. If you could create your own custom wine, cheese, or chocolate, what would it be like?

Fun Facts...

  1. The world's oldest known winery, discovered in Armenia, dates back to 4100 BCE.
  2. Cheese predates recorded history, with evidence suggesting its production over 7,200 years ago in Europe.
  3. Chocolate was consumed as a bitter beverage rather than a sweet edible treat by the Aztecs and Mayans.


  1. Research Pairings: Look up recommended pairings of wine with cheese or chocolate to enhance the tasting experience.
  2. Blind Tasting: Cover the labels and try to guess the variety or region of each wine, type of cheese, or chocolate to make it more challenging.
  3. Keep Tasting Notes: Write down your impressions of each sample to remember your favorites and why you liked them.
  4. Create a Mood: Set the atmosphere with appropriate music, lighting, and decor to complement the theme of your tasting night.
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