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Ice Breakers

  1. What's the first sport you became a fan of, and what drew you to it?
  2. Have you ever had an unforgettable experience at a live sports event?
  3. If you could meet any athlete, who would it be and what would you ask them?
  4. How do you think sharing a passion for a sport can strengthen our relationship?

Fun Facts...

  1. The Olympics, originating in ancient Greece, are among the oldest sporting events in the world, dating back to 776 BCE.
  2. Soccer is considered the world's most popular sport, with over 4 billion fans globally.
  3. The concept of tailgating, or hosting a party around the open tailgate of a vehicle, originated in the United States and is a popular way to celebrate before football games.

Tips & Alternatives

  1. Wear Team Colors: Show your support by wearing your team's colors or jerseys to the event or even at home.
  2. Learn Together: If one of you is less familiar with the sport, take the time to explain the rules and share why it excites you.
  3. Make it Interactive: If watching at home, play a game where you predict plays or outcomes to make the viewing more engaging.
  4. Explore Local Teams: Support local sports teams by attending their games, which can be just as fun and often more affordable than professional events.
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