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Ice Breakers...

  • What's a cuisine you've always been curious about but haven't tried yet?
  • Have you ever had a surprising food experience that changed your perspective on a certain cuisine?
  • If you could visit any country based on its cuisine alone, where would you go and why?
  • How do you think food and culture are connected?

Fun Facts...

  1. Pho, a popular Vietnamese dish, was influenced by both Chinese and French cuisine, showcasing Vietnam's complex history.
  2. Peru's national dish, ceviche, has been declared part of the nation's cultural heritage, emphasizing the importance of food in cultural identity.
  3. The jerk seasoning of Jamaica reflects a blend of indigenous Arawak and Maroon cooking techniques, highlighting the island's history and cultural diversity.
  4. Indian cuisine is renowned for its use of spices, with records of spice trade dating back over 4,000 years, influencing global cuisine.

Tips and Tricks...

  1. Start Simple: Choose recipes that are manageable but still new and exciting.
  2. Taste as You Go: Adjust seasonings based on your preferences to make the dish your own.
  3. Cultural Immersion: Enhance your cooking experience by playing music from the country whose cuisine you're exploring.
  4. Share Your Experience: Document your cooking adventure with photos or videos and share your thoughts on the new cuisine you explored together.
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