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Ice Breakers...

  1. What features would your dream home have if money was no object?
  2. How does your fantasy profession influence the type of house you're drawn to?
  3. Can you imagine a story of a day in the life living in one of these dream homes?
  4. How do our dream homes compare, and what does that say about us?

Fun Facts...

  1. The most expensive house ever sold was a villa in Nice, France, purchased for over $300 million.
  2. The concept of "staging" homes for sale began in the 1970s and significantly affects how quickly a home sells and for how much.
  3. The largest private home in the United States is the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina, spanning over 178,926 square feet.

Tips & Alternatives

  1. Stay in Character: Fully commit to your new identities while touring the homes to enhance the fun.
  2. Discuss After Each House: After each visit, discuss what you liked and disliked about the homes, keeping your invented personas in mind.
  3. Take Photos: If allowed, take pictures of yourselves in front of your favorite houses to remember the adventure.
  4. Create a Dream Home Board: After your date, compile images or features you loved from different houses into a vision board of your dream home.
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