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Something to talk about...

  1. Which flower or plant do you think best represents our relationship and why?
  2. What's your earliest memory of gardening or planting something?
  3. If our love were a garden, what other kinds of plants would you include in it?
  4. How do you think caring for plants is similar to nurturing a relationship?

Fun Facts...

  1. The practice of planting trees and flowers in significant locations is a tradition in many cultures, symbolizing growth, memory, and renewal.
  2. The world's oldest known living tree is a bristlecone pine named Methuselah, which is over 4,800 years old.
  3. Plants communicate with each other using underground networks of fungi, known as the "Wood Wide Web."


  1. Choose native plants: Opt for seeds of plants or flowers that are native to your area, as they will grow more successfully and support local ecosystems.
  2. Create a planting diary: Keep a diary or log of where you plant each seed and take a photo. It can be a beautiful way to document the growth of your plants and your relationship.
  3. Make it a ritual: Plan to visit your planted spots on special occasions, like anniversaries or milestones in your relationship, to see how they've grown and to reflect on your journey together.
  4. Alternative for apartment dwellers: If planting outdoors isn't an option, consider potting plants to keep in your home. Choose pots that match and write the significance of each plant on them, creating a living memory space in your home.
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