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Ice Breakers...

  • What games did you love to play as a child?
  • What do you enjoy most about playing games together, and how does it add to our relationship
  • Are there any specific game rules or strategies you want to ensure we both understand before we start?
  • How competitive are you when it comes to games, and what's your approach to winning or losing gracefully?
  • Which games do you think will be the most challenging or the most fun for us to play?

Fun Facts...

- Board games have a long history, with some dating back thousands of years. They have been a popular form of entertainment for centuries.
- Playing games can improve cognitive skills, promote problem-solving abilities, and enhance communication within couples.
- Some classic board games, like Chess and Go, are renowned for their strategic depth and complexity.
- In many cultures, games have played a significant role in social bonding and leisure activities.

Tips and Tricks...

- Consider adding a fun twist to your game night with themed game selections, like playing only classic board games or exploring new and innovative tabletop games.
- To avoid getting overly competitive, emphasize the fun and laughter that come with playing games together.
- Choose a variety of games, including strategy games, word games, and cooperative games to cater to different interests and skill sets.
- Create personalized game rules or challenges for specific games to make them more engaging or unique.
- If you want to take a break from traditional board games, explore online or mobile app versions of games that you both enjoy.

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